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The Black Collection

The Black Collection

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The black range is an ideal choice for caterers, offering a chafing guard to give an elegant professional appearance to chafing dishes. It has height and width, allowing for maximum versatility in presentation. This range ensures you can craft the perfect display with confidence.

2 off 42cm(L)x32cm(W)x30cm(H)
                                                                                  2 off 40cm(L)x30cm(W)x10cm(H).                                                                                  
2 off 35cm(L)x35cm(W)x35cm(H)
2 off 33cm(L)x33cm(W)x15cm(H)
                                                                                   2 off  30cm(L)x30cm(W)x30cm(H)                                                                                
2 off 34cm(L)x34cm(W)x20cm(H)
2 off 32cm(L)x32cm(W)x25cm(H)
2 off 32cm(L)x32cm(W)x5cm(H)

Chaffing guard  62(L)x38cm(W)x22cm(H)


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